Tecknix Client

The endgame of Minecraft PvP clients

About Tecknix Client

Tecknix Client is a free to use PvP oriented modpack for Minecraft 1.8.9. Tecknix Client is on the bleeding edge of user experience and aesthetics in regards to Minecraft designs. Tecknix Client is packed with a sleek and modern launcher for Mac, Linux and windows respectively. Tecknix Client includes real and effective frame and system resource usage optimizations and many popular mods.

The World's Most Customizable PvP Client

With color themes that can be edited and loaded by the user, Tecknix Client can be completely transformed visually!

Global Cosmetics

We have a fast, asynchronous, global and always online cosmetics system. Tecknix Client has a large selection of cosmetics including: Cloaks, Wings and Bandanas! Cosmetics can be purchased at our store.

Modular Overlay Menu

Tecknix Client operates off of a single menu. This menu can be opened anywhere in the client. The menu contains elements that can be opened from the task bar and can be moved by grabbing them!

HUD Position Screen

Allows the user to locate and resize hud modules with precision and accuracy.


Our launcher supports Mac, Linux and Windows respectively. With Tecknix Launcher you can log into Mojang and Microsoft accounts to launch the game quickly and get playing!

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