Is it actually free?

Yes! Tecknix Client is completely free to use. There are no paywall features whatsoever! If you would like to support our work you can check out our store.

The client isnt launching for me, where can I get help?

We have wonderful support on our discord server we will definitely be able to help you!

Does the client actually boost my frames?

Yes! In most cases with optimal settings Tecknix Client will increase your frames per second by atleast 25% compared to normal Optifine!

How do I suggest a mod or feature?

You may run the command -suggest in our discord server to publicly make a suggestion!

How do I report a bug?

You may run the command -bugreport in our discord server to privately report a client bug to our staff.

How do I add my own mods?

Yes! You can add any Forge 1.8.9 mod! (example: ReplayMod)

Why can I not access the website or client services?

The website is currently blocked in India. It may be blocked elsewhere without our knowledge.

Where can I find a list of modules?

You can see all of the modules Tecknix Client has to offer by checking out the list of 60+ modules in the module menu!